About Us

Auto 8 began in October 2010 with both co-Founders Aaron Plum and Warren Smith.

Aaron, a qualified automotive mechanic and Warren, a qualified automotive electrician joined with a team to research the next big trend in the Auto Parts industry.

They perceived the industry was going to change majorly and so they came up with a very savvy idea which is to bring their ideas, knowledge to the online market.

With this change, they started pushing boundaries not just online but with the local markets as well. Auto 8 has been specializing in its own brand of Starter motors, Alternators and Auto Air Conditioning and has expanded in top automotive parts brands.

Today, Auto 8, with a track record of ten years has created a strong brand with an amazing team, and made an impressive customer base worldwide. The company is committed to continue supplying quality products and promises to revolutionize the face of the automotive industry.