Auto 8 Warranty Claims Policy

The warranty period on all items commences from the date of purchase if a warranty claim is made and a second part is supplied then the warranty period will not restart and will continue from the initial date of purchase. All claims for warranty must be made within the relevant warranty period, Buyer must return the product to Auto 8 for analysing, buyer is responsible for the shipping costs of sending the warranty claim back to Auto 8, if the item is analysed and proven to be faulty via a manufacturing fault then Auto 8 will pay the costs of shipping the new item, if an item is proven to be faulty via a non-manufacturing fault then the customer is to pay the return shipping costs of the rejected unit back to them.

Items that are sent back for a claim must be accompanied with reason for return, contact details, eBay user name & copy of receipt as proof of purchase, failure to do so will result in non-processed claims until the stated information has been received. All warranty returns must be assessed by and Auto 8 staff member (this could take from 3 to 19 business days from arrival of the item back to Auto 8), The warranty does not apply to failure or damage to the unit caused by incorrect or faulty fitment, contamination by foreign materials including water and oil, any modifications made to the item by anyone other than an Auto 8 staff member or any abuse or misuse of our products will result in warranty rejection (this is determined at Auto 8’s discretion). All items that are returned for warranty will be tested then passed at the discretion of Auto 8, warranted items are strictly exchange only, (a refund will not be given) In some cases Auto 8 may repair the item. In no case shall Auto 8 be responsible for any sequential costs including removal and re-fitment costs of the item.

Air Conditioning Compressors
Please note when fitting our air conditioning compressors; you must firstly flush the system of excess oil as all of our compressors come pre filled with the correct amount of oil, excess oil in the system causes hydraulic lock up and will automatically void the warranty also you must replace the drier & TX valve before charging system with refrigerant. Failure to do so will result in warranty rejection. Also the correct refrigerant that the system was designed for must be used with our compressors, we do not accept any warranty claims that have been in a system using a replacement refrigerant such as HyChill, and this can be easily detected and will result in warranty rejection. For more details please contact us via e-mail or call us.

For more details please contact us through email or call us on (03) 5718 0112.